Our Services

Casa Compliance has specialist and in-depth knowledge of gambling legislation, compliance, licensing, security, surveillance, anti-money laundering, risk management, staff and management training, casino games and gaming analytics, game protection, social responsibility, online gambling infrastructure and full project management services.

At Casa Compliance, we help our clients by providing:

  • Practical regulatory guidance and real-world support to protect against regulatory sanction and reputational damage
  • Risk-based and appropriate anti-money laundering guidance, controls and management training
  • Security and game protection expertise for investigation, analytics, fraud, theft collusion and loss prevention
  • Operational expertise, accelerated development, business turnaround and recruitment support
  • Concept, licensing, infrastructure and project management guidance for new start-ups and development projects

  • Advice & Governance

    Casa Compliance helps clients to understand and develop a commercial balance between operational needs and effective regulatory controls, whether existing operators or start-up gambling businesses.

    The Company ensures ongoing corporate governance and assurance through independent support and professional audits for the Board of Directors, Compliance and Risk Committee or senior executives and licence holders.

    Operational Expertise

    Casa Compliance supports land-based and online operators with experienced guidance for developing the gambling product, specifying or improving infrastructure and managing multi-site or multi-jurisdictional businesses.

    The Company deliver expert and in-depth analysis and independent evaluation of commercial gambling operations to help improve operational efficiency and drive commercial performance.

    Staff Training & Management

    Casa Compliance has a wealth of experience in delivering gaming-related training and professional development for staff, managers and corporate executives.

    The Company supports clients with bespoke management and staff training for regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering and social responsibility, alongside specialist training in relation to executive regulatory responsibility and risk management.

    Licensing and Start-Ups

    Casa Compliance provide clients with licensing support for new licence applications, business plans, market analysis, corporate structure and key executive roles.

    The Company steers businesses through these early development stages and offers project management services, operational knowledge, technical specifications and contract negotiation experience to help establish a strong commercial structure.

    Policies & Procedures

    Casa Compliance has developed first class corporate policies and procedures applicable to a range of gambling operations, which we can tailor to our clients’ specific needs.

    The Company will help create a unique policy platform to underpin the gambling operation, its support functions and also provide effective, risk-based controls for regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering, crime prevention and social responsibility.

    Acquisitions & Sales

    For anyone wishing to acquire or sell an existing casino or gambling business, Casa Compliance can help here too.

    Our sister company, Casa Casino Brokers, is a specialist businesses exclusively involved in casino and gambling acquisitions and sales, advising a wide range of international operators, private investors and financial houses on investment and divestment strategies and commercial introductions.

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